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You think you have tried everything? Just try the best Tantric Massage in The Haque!


My name is Cleo

I am a 30 year old South American girl with a naughty twinkle in my eye.  I am educated, but my hobby is giving great erotic massages to discerning and sophisticated gentlemen.

I have long black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, lush lips.  I am 1.70 cm, with a great figure, I like to keep fit and take care of my body. 

I offer a full range of services both to relax and entertain you.  I do incalls at my luxury apartment in The Hague.


Tantric Massage is my passion!

I have been studying and practicing tantra for a past 2 years.

I have also qualified, having practised various types of bodywork for a many years.

I use various Tantric techniques to take you deeper and deeper into

Your erotic and sexual energy. Use warm oils to open your body into

A deep, sensual awakening.

I love to see men in their ecstasy and their pleasure and it is my aim

To make sure that each of my clients leaves feeling relaxed and refreshed


And that you once again you feel able to cope, with the world around you.

Your absolute pleasure is my goal.

Let me take you on ecstatic, relaxing and amazing massage experience.

Let yourself be lost in my touch that relaxes, rejuvenates and leaves you

With a spring in your step.

I’m easily contactable for your question and booking

I look forward to meeting you,

Please phone me to make a booking

+31 (0) 617592791


With love Cleo



Opportunities at Cleo

Erotic massages are special. They are made ​​with lots of love straight from the heart and it shows.
The massages are designed for anyone who:
 - looking to relax on a deep level

 - just want to forget about everyday life
 - want to charge with renewed energy
 want to experience a real - massage
 - wants to discover what massage means
 - looking for a special experience you will not soon forget
 - deeply want to be touched
 has - needs a loving touch
 - looking for a sensual experience from the heart
 - himself a nice present to any

Body to Body Massage

This traditional massage technique from India focuses on the total relaxation of your body, the body of the masseuse plays the leading role. It will feel like a snake moving across your body with the rest generated erotic feelings will stir up and bring you to an unforgettable climax .

You can choose between a massage with massage oil or massage milk , with or without fragrance .

With this massage you lie on a mattress and your whole body massaged.

60 minutes € 60 , -

( Extension : 15 minutes € 15 , - )

Showering before the massage= 5 euro

Showering after the massage= included

Tantra Body to Body Massage

Tantric massage is a very gentle sensual relaxation massage, where all the spots of your body being massaged . Precisely because of the slow and gentle caresses you get more in touch with your body , you come closer to your feelings and you can expand your mind . The genitals are touched in a subtle way that is sexual energy is generated . This energy allows both men and women are able to intensify . Their orgasm Men can like women experience multiple orgasms and deeper as they learn to activate this energy. Throughout the massage your highlight will be postponed several times .

The aim is massaging the penis , testicles , the sacred spot (similar to the g-spot of women.

The sensitive spots around the penis that are often ignored given full attention .

Optimum enjoyment , because I use my whole body and take your time .

Tantric massage is distinguished because the touch of love , joy and sharing highlights . The tantric massage is therefore not only relaxing but also healing .

With this massage you lie on a mattress and your whole body massaged.

60 minutes € 65 , -

( Extension : 15 minutes € 15 , - )

Showering before the massage= 5 euro

Showering after the massage= included


For those that like to take their massage to the next level I also offer a full service experience. 

All other SERVICES are negotiable for an additional fee


Tongue Kissing = 20 euro

Pussy licking = 20 euro

Blowjob with condom = 20 euros

Blowjob without condom = 50 euro

Fingering = is not possible at UNFORTUNATELY!

Fucking = 20 euros = 20 euros per multiple highlights highlight

Using  sex toy with you = included

Use sex toys with me = 20 euro

Fisting with you= 20 euro

Soft SM with you= 20 euro

SM with you = 50 euro. This is only possble in combination with a 1 hour massage So for example. 1 hour body to body massage= 60 euro + sm 50 euro= 115 euro 1 hour

SM is not possible for me =

Spanking for me = 30 euro

Pee sex with you = 20 euro

Or take the ALL-INN pakkage= 120 euro (an erotic massage with a wonderful lovemaking for 1 hour)

If you think you can handle such extreme pleasure with a beautiful masseuse then give me a call.  I offer incalls at my luxury flat.

Remember, respect me = respect for you.

I reserve the right to stop my services or refuse when I feel / experience that my values ​​are not respected.




MY WORKING HOURS ARE FROM Monday-Sunday from 10:00-22:00.

Should you wish to make an appointment or have any questions please feel free to contact me by Phone 0617592791

I DO NOT answer!

Or send an email

It may be that you get to hear the voicemail. You can send a text message. As soon as possible I'll send you a text message back (can be removed immediately afterwards).
If I don’t reply within 15 minutes, it may be that I'm working. Then you can try again at a later time.

U can make an appointment for on the day (if there is space) as well as for a later date. It can be crowded, so it is useful to make an appointment. On time Then you know for sure that I have all the time and attention you need. Time and attention is essential for a good massage for me.





The address

NOTE: You can phone me. Please introduce yourselve.You indicate which massage you'd like to receive. You drive to a place nearby where I live in The Hague. Have you arrived there you call me one more time, and only then I give the correct adress and house number. For my and your privacy I did not mention that here on the site.

When you arrive you FREE PARKING in the street.

Have you come to me in I'll take you to my wonderful, sensual massage room where place and attention for you.

Learn to make an appointment please even the information in "Frequently Asked Questions + Answers' on. This prevents misunderstandings.

If you have any more questions? Pick up the phone and call.



"Frequently Asked Questions


Is the massageroom clean?
Absolutely, the cover of the mattress is changed after each massage. The floor is mopped after each massage and shower room and thoroughly cleaned every day .

What about the Happy End ?

Happy ending u will not miss that!.

Can I make an appointment for a while?
Sure you can. Wise , because you can be sure that there is space .

What do these massages from you exactly mean?
I give full-body massage with heated oil . When the body to body massage and tantra is body- to-body contact. I do not miss spot on and massage in a sensuous , professional , and " clean " way. In toplesmassage you only see my breasts and there is no physical contact .

Can Itake a shower with you?
Yes, everything is here, so you do not have to bring your own.

Showering before the massage I will charge u 5 euro extra. Showering after the massage is included.

I very much appreciate that everyone washes all places !
You do not do this, then I am prepared to reject you. Visit
I want to continue to do my work with pleasure

You massage women?

Can I come without an appointment ?
No, I work by appointment only .

Can I make an appointment through the mail ?
That may be , but I do not check my mailbox every day . It is more convenient to simply call and let the voice mail or send an SMS. Behind a message I usually text a short time back .

How do I get the address?
If you make an appointment , I'll give you the address nearby. When u reach there u have to give me a call and i will give you the right address.

You work in the evening and in the weekends ?
I receive daily Monday / Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00

Is there adequate parking ?
There is plenty of parking , which is free.

In what city are you in?
In The Hague, near the highway . My address once you get an appointment is made ​​.

Can I touch you during the massage ?
This question is often asked . During the massage you can touch me , but always with respect. This does not mean between my legs . Want a step beyond the erotic massage then this is negotiable at an additional cost .

I miss a Happy End ?
No, that you do not miss , which is a flow of energy and tingles through your body .
Only one other description . If desired, the massage will end up .

Please check out the site first , and only then make an appointment .
It is too often that people make an appointment and then later ask what the prices and features are coming ..... and then not show up or look from .

If you have any questions? Call or send an email , you get always reply back to me.
Who knows…. Maybe I’ll see you soon .



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